• Published at 15.08.2017

    Nav Lalji, Chairman at Asia Vape Association (AVA) will speak at Business Conference

    We are happy to announce that Nav Lalji is a conference speaker at Vape Expo India Business Conference. 

    Nav Lalji is Chairman of the Asian Vape Association (A.VA.), a not-for-profit regional organization comprised of vape consumers, business owners and national vape associations across Asia. In his role as Chairman, he advises businesses and government organizations regarding the emerging vape industry, needs for regulation and future of e-cigarettes in Asia Pacific.

  • Published at 11.08.2017

    E-cigarette pipe as one of the branches of e-product development

    Electronic cigarettes have been a great alternative to tobacco smoking for several years. First, vaping is much more economical, in terms of consumption of funds; secondly, it does not adversely affect the health of both active and passive smokers.  We know that a smoking pipe has a huge demand among tobacco smokers, but what if you decided to switch to electronic steam? There are many interesting models of e-cigarette pipes that can be of interest to different categories of vapers.

  • Published at 04.08.2017

    A study of New California proves that electronic cigarettes help to quit smoking

    Despite the fact that lately there have been a lot of different news about vaping, and some of them - not quite positive, for example, about taxes and confrontations of scientists who argue about harm and benefit, there is also a good one - scientists from the University of California published a study that Proves that electronic cigarettes help to quit smoking.

  • Published at 03.08.2017

    Scientists from the University of Canada defend vaping

    The aim of the study was to find answers to the most urgent questions concerning the vaping. For this purpose, the authors analysed 15 different databases and over 1600 articles in scientific journals and other sources. Of all this, only 170 articles were selected that were recognized as suitable for use in the study

  • Published at 02.08.2017

    Petition "E-cigarette regulation - YES, ban - NO!"

    Recently a petition was published on the website "E-cigarette regulations - yes, ban -no!" with such content:
    We demand that Ministry of Health & Family Welfare consider the issue of state competent e-cigarette regulation!
    Due to the fact that e-cigarettes were banned in some  Indian States recently, we call on the Government to develop and to adopt a document of e-cigarette regulation at the State level.

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