E-cigarette pipe as one of the branches of e-product development

Electronic cigarettes have been a great alternative to tobacco smoking for several years. First, vaping is much more economical, in terms of consumption of funds; secondly, it does not adversely affect the health of both active and passive smokers.  We know that a smoking pipe has a huge demand among tobacco smokers, but what if you decided to switch to electronic steam? There are many interesting models of e-cigarette pipes that can be of interest to different categories of vapers.
Mechanism and design of the electronic tube
E-cigarette pipe, in fact, is no different from an electronic cigarette. What about the form - this is a kind of massive construction of a presentable appearance. It is based on the real pipe, but instead of tobacco, smokers need to fill in the electronic liquid of any taste. 
The main advantages and disadvantages of an electronic pipe.
Like any device an electronic pipe has its advantages and disadvantages, first, let's list the main advantages of an electron pipe:
1) The most important plus is the absence of carcinogens and products of combustion in the process of soaring. Less harmful substances enter the lungs;
2) Advanced electronic pipes have a capacious casing for placing batteries in it with long endurance;
3) Appearance. An electronic pipe has a solid and presentable appearance. The user can choose himself as a classic design, or futuristic, depending on the preferences;
4) Build quality and components. Most electronic pipes are developed by companies that are focused on a quality and reliable product;
Well, like any other device, the electronic pipe has its drawbacks:
1) The first and most important thing is nicotine that can be addictive, but it all depends on the user's choice. You can buy liquids on a non-nicotine basis;
2) The shape and dimensions of the device. Of course, you can try to shove such a device in your pocket, but still, the shape of the electronic pipes makes them very uncomfortable for everyday use in the city;
3) The size and shape of the device are not enough of the case, which would contain more than one battery.
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