A study of New California proves that electronic cigarettes help to quit smoking

Despite the fact that lately there have been a lot of different news about vaping, and some of them - not quite positive, for example, about taxes and confrontations of scientists who argue about harm and benefit, there is also a good one - scientists from the University of California published a study that Proves that electronic cigarettes help to quit smoking.
The study says that this is especially true for those people who turn to gadgets for this purpose. 
The research team used the US population census data, in particular, about the adult population in order to detect changes in the consumption of tobacco products. According to Professor of Family Medicine in San Diego, Shu Hong Zhu, the study used quite extensive data on smokers and vapers who participated in the census.
He said that these data confirm that electronic cigarettes play a very important role in getting rid of the bad habit.
Researchers examined the relationship between smoking and the transition to vaping and it was found that 65% of smokers who switched to vaping stopped smoking, while 40% of regular smokers who did not switch to electronic devices could not quit.
Their research has proved that those who started vaping could quit smoking more often than others, without returning to tobacco. The number of those who switched to vaping and, consequently, the number of those who quit tobacco has increased.
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